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Rightouch Family Development engages the youth and families of the community by providing positive options for developing talents, skills, and self-esteem.  RFD creates a structured and safe family atmosphere where “a loving touch is the Rightouch!” It is this atmosphere that encompasses a place where individuals feel understood and valued.


The mission of Rightouch Family Development is to equip and transform economically disadvantaged youth and families with the tools needed for economic independence and self-sufficiency by developing their talents, skills, and self-esteem.  We strive to achieve our mission by providing programs and services that will meet the need in various areas, such as but not limited to performing arts, education, apprenticeship opportunities, instructional technology, and making healthy choices.



Our vision is to  become a nationally known entity in providing structured programs and services to youth and families that allow them to pursue a lifestyle of excellence.

Family At Church
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