E3 Mentor Program

E3 is a youth mentoring program targeting young females ages 11-14 and 15-23 that provides instruction and development in areas of self-esteem, friendship, effects of social media, peer pressure, career options, and stress management.

The girls are allowed to discuss difficult topics they currently face. The lessons learned will enable them to become confident service-minded women and stronger leaders in the community.


  • Objective1: Build strong relationships with peers, family
    and the community

  • Objective 2: Increase success in school

  • Objective 3: Explore fulfilling educational and career pathways

  • Objective 4: Experience positive social and emotional

  • Objective 5: Promote social change

  • Objective 6: Explore and improve literacy

  • Objective 7: Involvement in activities
    regarding STEAM            


Tier I: Leading Self- This tier teaches participants about leadership through exploration of leadership models, engagement in self-awareness activities and basic skill building. The girls will be expected to understand and articulate the E3 program, attend most meetings and workshops and complete 20 hours of community service.

Tier II: Leading Others – This tier teaches participants how to lead through collective action in group settings with a greater emphasis on group processing and presentation skills. The girls will be expected to attend most meetings
and workshops, and complete 30 hours of community

Tier III: Leading the Community – This tier teaches direct application of skills and knowledge of tier I and tier II. The girls will be expected to attend most meetings and workshops, complete 50 hours of community service, and participate in Rightouch Family Development Job Placement Program.

Tier IV: Leaders for Change – This tier places an emphasis on career development and advocacy. At this tier, girls will be placed in leadership positions.

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