Upcoming Events

Join us on May 25th for our Parent Day!

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On Saturday, May 25, 2019 we will host our parent day social! Join us for information on how our mentor programs can help you and your family and express your needs to our staff. We will be located at the Rosa Jackson Center (1211 Maynard Street, Macon Ga, 31217). Remember, we are here to serve you!

Previous Events

Mentor Sessions for our youth in the community!

Parent Day Flyer May25th-01.jpg

Attendance: 20 Youth

Speaker: Renee Wilmore

Topic: Youth employment program and money management

Mrs. Renee Wilmore spoke to our youth about the importance of money management. They did an exercise using marshmallows to show how important money is when it comes to everyday life. They were shown how  to pay bills and take care of everyday living expenses. We will continue to use this activity to teach our kids the importance of money management and break the cycle of poverty in our community.